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FRP bracket

FRP bracket (FRP) is a kind of cooling tower packing made of mechanically pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic "I" or T-shaped material, round rods, tubes, and special processing technology according to the designed geometric data. The supporting frame, with its good bearing capacity and excellent corrosion resistance, is a new structural material that replaces the cement grid bracket and cast iron bracket. The FRP bracket produced by our company has been widely used in power system cooling tower projects.


FRP bracket specifications

Project Size (mm) Tolerance (mm)
Span ≥500 ±8
Width ≥200 ±5
Thickness 25,38,58,70 ±0.3
Assembly straightness 100:0.6  


Performance characteristics of FRP bracket

1.Barcol hardness≥55

2. Standard specimen strength: tensile strength ≥300MPa; bending strength ≥450MPa

3. Bracket strength: Design load: 7KN / m2; Test load: 9KN / m2; Failure load: ≥15KN / m2

4. Deflection: The deflection of the FRP bracket meets f≤ [fmax] [fmax = 5L / 800, L-span (mm), f = deflection (mm)], and the deflection should meet the vertical direction ≤9.5mm




FRP bracket installation

1. Classified according to design requirements for installation.

2. The stainless steel screws and U-clamps used for fixed connection are provided by our company.

3. On-site installation is guided by our company to ensure the installation quality.


FRP bracket quality standards

1. The surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic bracket must be flat and smooth, with uniform color, no exposed yarn and no cracks.

2. The specific size and arrangement of each type of bracket should be determined according to the bracket design drawing during installation.

3. The spacing between blocks is controlled within the requirements of the specification and kept uniform.

4. The bracket should be placed stably to prevent damage to components due to collision and other adverse conditions.

5. The overlapped part of FRP bracket is larger than 50mm.

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