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Water spray packing is the main component of water and gas heat exchange in the cooling tower, and it is the key to improve the cooling efficiency of the cooling tower and ensure economic and safe operation. With the development of the plastic industry, the cooling tower plastic water-filling filler "S" ladder wave, double oblique wave, and oblique fold wave, because of its good heat dissipation performance, good ventilation resistance, durability, easy to obtain materials, etc., are widely used in different Types of large, medium and small cooling towers.


Models and specifications of PVC packing

  Length (mm) Height (mm) Flat sheet thickness (mm)
Size Deviation Size Deviation Size Deviation
"S" wave 1000 ±10 500
±5 0.4 ±0.05
2000 ±10 500 ±5 0.4 ±0.05
Double ramp 1000 ±10 500
±5 0.4 ±0.05
Oblique wave 1000 ±10 500 ±5 0.4 ±0.05


Thermal and resistance characteristics of PVC filler

  Packing height Cooling number:
Volumetric bulk coefficient: Ka
Resistance characteristic equation: △P/ρ1=9.81·A·VCPm
A、M expression
"S" wave 1m =1.83λ0.65 A=0.0019q2+0.0685q+0.6543
Ka=4746g0.56q0.36 M=0.0028q2·0.0710q+1.9480
Double ramp 1m =1.92λ0.68 A=0.0006q2+0.0306q+0.6376
Ka=4342g0.69q0.36 M=0.0002q2·0.0026q+1.9029
Diagonal wave 1m =1.85λ0.64 A=0.0001q2+0.189q+0.6374
Ka=4296g0.63q0.38 M=0.0006q2·0.0122q+2.0178
In the above formula:
△ P-filler resistance, Pa;
g-Ventilation density,kg(m2·S);
ρ1-Air density,kg/m3
λ-Gas-water ratio
q-Water density, t/(m2·h);
Vcp-Average wind speed at the water filling, m/s;



Quality Standard

(1) The perforations of 0.3mm-2.0mm on the water-filled filler sheet shall not exceed 20 per square meter, and the dispersion shall not exceed 5 per (10cm × 10cm).

(2) The contour of the sheet around the shaped sheet is a regular rectangle, and the permissible deviations of the sheet plane length and width dimensions are ± 10mm and ± 5mm, respectively. The thickness of the thinnest part of the formed sheet is not less than 0.2mm.

(3) No geometric deformation occurs at 65 ° C.

(4) The ordinary type does not break and is not brittle at -35 ℃.

(5) Its service life is not less than 20 years under normal operating conditions.

(6) It has good flame retardancy.


Precautions for safe use

(1) Assembly blocks must be moved and temporarily placed on level ground only after they have reached the initial strength after bonding and curing; they can be neatly stacked after they are fully cured. The stacking state should be the same as the vertical installation in the tower, and the stacking should be appropriate to prevent exposure.

(2) The assembly work of the sprinkler packing should be basically synchronized with the installation progress. It should not be prematurely assembled to avoid damage and deformation when stacked for too long.

(3) Assembly blocks with unsatisfactory assembly quality must be removed and must not be installed in the tower.

(4) The installation work of the assembly block should be carried out according to the planned partition, and laid neatly according to the designed arrangement of the layers, and the blocks should be tightly packed and filled without leaving any gaps; the simple support laying form should suspend the ends of the filler in a balanced manner.


(5) Irregular parts of corners, columns and towers should be cut correctly according to the actual boundary, and they should be laid neatly and tightly.


(6) During the construction work on the filler level, care must be taken to maintain the flatness of the filler level and the integrity of the sheet shape, and no sags and lodgings should occur.


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